COPA-DATA releases zenon 8.10 and zenon Analyzer 3.30 software

  • July 15, 2019
COPA-DATA releases zenon 8.10 and zenon Analyzer 3.30 software
COPA-DATA releases zenon 8.10 and zenon Analyzer 3.30 software

July 15, 2019 - The latest version of the zenon Software Platform from COPA-DATA is now available. Together with zenon 8.10, COPA-DATA is also releasing a version of its zenon Analyzer 3.30 reporting and analytics software.

The number of variables in industrial projects is growing exponentially. As a result, COPA-DATA developers have optimized zenon's algorithms and further improved the code. This has enabled COPA-DATA to speed up response times in both zenon Editor and zenon Runtime. Spontaneous and triggered archiving are now also faster and capable of multi-tasking, as per cyclical archiving in zenon. By updating the technology and optimizing the storage system, the software has been upgraded from 400 to up to 150,000 value changes per second. Runtime performance is now unaffected when archiving large amounts of data.

In batch-oriented production, the unit classes used to configure processes provide additional flexibility in the zenon Batch Control module. This makes it possible to create generic recipes that are unit-independent. The user decides which unit of equipment to use at the start of the production of each batch. The same recipe can be used with other equipment.

Drag-and-drop functionality is afeature in the zenon Extended Trend module. This function allows variables to be added directly to trend curves in Runtime. To ensure the curves on the axes are visually identifiable, users can carry over the curve color to the value axis.

The HTML5 Web Engine, part of the web server, has been updated to the latest technology standards. This ensures zenon's independence in terms of operating systems and its connectivity. The combined element, often referred to as the multi-purpose tool in zenon, is now also available in the Web Engine. Existing screens no longer have to be adapted for the Web Engine. With zenon 8.10, it is now possible to evaluate limit value violations and perform functions supported by the Web Engine, such as configuration of set values or screen switching.

COPA-DATA complies with the annually audited security certificate IEC 62443 for software manufacturers. The international series of industrial standards provides a framework for preventive and systematic detection and reduction of security gaps in industrial automation and control systems.

In addition to the integration of new drivers, for example, for Hekatron fire alarm systems, many existing drivers have been updated. Furthermore, zenon now also has the BACnet certificate in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), and thus complies with the important 135-2012 standard for building automation. Additionally, the RemoteRT driver now supports encrypted communication with the Connector Container. This is an application that can be started in parallel with zenon Runtime and provides remote access to Runtime subcomponents. Additional drivers have been optimized for authentication and encryption without affecting their functionality.

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