CyberX introduces Ganymede automated threat extraction platform

  • June 27, 2019
CyberX introduces Ganymede automated threat extraction platform
CyberX introduces Ganymede automated threat extraction platform

June 27, 2019 – CyberX, an IoT and industrial control system (ICS) security company, announced it has enhanced its specialized IoT/ICS threat intelligence capabilities with an automated threat extraction platform that uses machine learning to identify malware and APT campaigns targeting industrial and critical infrastructure organizations.

Named Ganymede, the platform is scalable and focuses on IoT/ICS/OT-specific threat intelligence for industrial and critical infrastructure organizations. Ganymede also incorporates an IoT/ICS/OT-specific malware analysis sandbox.

Ganymede was designed to reduce the time required to identify, hunt, and eradicate malware such as LockerGoga. Plant safety systems are also being targeted by nation-state adversaries across multiple industrial sectors worldwide. Finally, trade secrets, such as proprietary design and manufacturing data, are also being stolen from industrial companies.

Developed by Section 52, CyberX’s threat intelligence and security research team, Ganymede continuously ingests massive amounts of data from a range of open and closed sources to deliver the data-driven analysis.

Machine learning and statistical models are used to assign risk scores to specific entities such as files. The risk scores are calculated by machine learning trained on datasets consisting of hundreds of thousands of known good and bad samples. Section 52 threat analysts are used in the final phase to review and correlate the results based on their field experience.

Additionally, suspicious executables are detonated in CyberX’s IoT/ICS Malware Sandbox. The CyberX sandbox is a virtualized IoT/ICS environment that analyzes malware activity — using machine learning combined with static and dynamic analysis capabilities — to detect malware access to IoT/ICS-specific objects (processes, libraries, DLLs, ports, etc.). The sandbox then generates a collection of IoCs and representative screenshots of the malware in operation.

Section 52 is composed of domain experts and data scientists who previously staffed a national military CERT defending against daily nation-state cyberattacks. The team is also on-call to perform emergency incident response for clients that have experienced an IoT/ICS compromise. 

Actionable threat intelligence is delivered to CyberX clients in several forms, including:

  • Threat intelligence updates to CyberX’s network monitoring platform. These automated updates enrich the industrial cybersecurity platform’s built-in, patented IoT/ICS-aware behavioral analytics with the latest threat information.
  • IoCs provided with SNORT and Yara rules for enriching clients’ other security tools — such as SIEM and IDS solutions — with Section 52’s threat intelligence data.
  • Threat intelligence reports, alerts, and TTPs for CyberX clients, along with expert recommendations and implementation services from the CyberX customer success team to assist clients with threat mitigation.

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