Emerson and Metrol introduce Intelligent Multistage Completion Network

  • April 25, 2019
  • Emerson Automation Solutions
Emerson and Metrol introduce Intelligent Multistage Completion Network
Emerson and Metrol introduce Intelligent Multistage Completion Network

April 25, 2019 - Emerson, in partnership with Metrol, has launched the Intelligent Multistage Completion Network – an integrated upper and lower completions downhole solution that communicates wirelessly with instruments at the reservoir sandface, the physical interface between the formation and the wellbore. This is enabled by a wireless interface that generates zonal flow information and sandface monitoring in the lower completion. The solution builds on Emerson’s  experience in advanced permanent downhole monitoring and its close collaboration with Metrol. The Intelligent Multistage Completion Network builds on the capabilities of the existing Integrated Downhole Network that has been installed in wells worldwide and uses wireless telemetry to enable communication with sensors and controls located at the reservoir. Features of the downhole reservoir network solution include:

  • A permanent gauge installation providing life-of-well data and access to diagnostics data from the reservoir section of a well. The result is an alternative to traditional production logging, wireline, coil tubing and other cable-based downhole solutions.
  • The ability to retrieve pressure and temperature data from multiple reservoir sands in a pilot hole.
  • Online zonal flow data measurements without having to reduce flow rates and without the limitations of intervention-based systems, with the added ability to wirelessly operate flow control valves in multiple locations in response to zonal data acquisition.
  • The installation of the interface to the network with no additional penetrators (wet mates, connectors, tubing for fiber, etc.) to go through the defined well barriers (thereby significantly reducing risk) and no additional hardware requirements to the topside or subsea control system. Instead, operators have a single standard interface card providing access to all the in-well instrumentation.

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