Entertron Introduces new 32 bit programming package that is compatible for Entire ePLC family of products.

  • January 17, 2020
  • Entertron Industries

Gasport, NY - January 15, 2001 –- Entertron Industries Inc., the innovation leader in programmable logic controller solutions announces the release of its latest relay ladder logic programming software package - Eware-32. This new package is for use with the Smart-PAK series, SK1600-RIC and Elite-2000 products.Eware-32 uses the Windows 32 bit platform and is compatible with the following operating system environments:·Windows 95·Windows 98·Windows 2000 ME·Windows 2000 XP·Windows NTIn using the 32 bit platform, users will have full benefit of the features that are provide:·Cut and Paste across programs·Multiple programs open·Split screen viewing·Right mouse button menusIn addition to those features, Entertron has incorporated the following features for our customers:·Eware version 1.2 programs are compatible and can be viewed and changed with Eware-32·Unlimited program capacity·Compiler displays amount of memory program has compiled to·Supports programming for Smart-PAK series, SK1600-RIC and Elite-2000·Unlimited comment capabilitiesNew features found exclusively in Eware-32 are:·Two different monitoring modes - Table format and Ladder Flow, viewed on one screen·View Accumulator Information·Off line simulator to debug program without controller where by you can generate from 1 scan up. ·Extensive Cross Reference TableIn conjunction with Eware-32, and the release of several operator interfaces to the Eclipse line, Entertron has decided to offer ALL software and manuals on ONE CD. This means that when you order a controller and operator interface or touch screen, we will be sending ONE CD that will have EVERYTHING required. The cost of this CD to Entertron customers that use any of our embedded programmable logic controllers is $0. That is correct…the software is FREE. All the features listed above - FREE. Comparable packages will cost anywhere from $200 to $1500. Our competitors software may or may not support multiple families of products. We know for a fact that they do not include operator interface or touch screen software in the same package. There is no cost for upgrading from Eware 1.2 to Eware 32. There is no cost when you purchase your first controller. About Entertron:Entertron Industries is an American manufacturer of embedded programmable logic controllers and operator interfaces since 1978. Solutions have been successfully deployed in various industries ranging from mobile applications requiring 12 VDC power (car crushers, radio frequency remote controls, parade floats); 24 VAC applications (car washes and HVAC) to your more traditional applications for PLCs (dock levelers, elevators, packaging equipment).Contact:Stephen LuftEntertron Industries, Inc.Phone: (716) 772-7216E-Mail: plcs@entertron.comWeb: www.entertron.com

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