EVT introduces Label Alignment and Position Inspector

  • August 02, 2019
EVT introduces Label Alignment and Position Inspector
EVT introduces Label Alignment and Position Inspector

August 2, 2019 – EVT’s Label Alignment and Position Inspector checks the position and the alignment of the previously defined label. The parameters are defined by the user. Afterwards the inspection can be applied immediately to the production process. The system can be integrated into an existing tracker system. Or alternatively the EyeTrack tracker board by EVT can be applied. The EyeTrack board input can be either used as encoder input or as trigger input. The user therefore can tell in relation to the light barrier when the bottle or container has reached the inspection position. It tells the system when it has to start the image capture and inspection process. The result of the Label Alignment  inspection is put into the evaluation waiting list. In case of a faulty label, the bottle will be rejected at the designated position.

The Label Alignment Inspector (LAI) is flexible and the user can add new criteria and characteristics to the inspection program, to adjust it to requirements. This means that code reading (bar code, DMC, QR) and OCR as well as color inspection can be immediately added to the application.

The LAI can run on the emSys computer together with other inspection tasks. Either with a graphical user interface (GUI) or completely as remote system, which transferresthe results and evaluation images directly to the master computer.

The emSys computer has four Ethernet interfaces, which can be used either for connecting cameras or for communication, to guarantee for an undelayed and transparent inspection process. The emSys computer also has an USB3 interface for compact set ups with USB cameras.  For controlling the illumination, four independentLED connections are available. Those are directly controlled by the LAI software.

In case of a change of labels the software can switch to the corresponding inspection program.  And the software can also adjust the illumination in correspondence with the inspection program.

With the LAI the label inspection can be easily retrofitted. The graphical user interface can be also adjusted to customer wishes in an instant.

The inspection programs for the inspection of the label alignment, bottle cap, bottle neck and head as well as the inspection for scratches, cracks and contamination, is of course available for glass and PET bottles.

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