FacilityConneX announces 3.5.0 solution for intelligent alerting

  • December 20, 2019
FacilityConneX announces 3.5.0 solution for intelligent alerting
FacilityConneX announces 3.5.0 solution for intelligent alerting

December 20, 2019 -- FacilityConneX, a real-time facility data monitoring solution and service provider, announced the release of its FacilityConneX 3.5.0 solution for intelligent alerting. The 3.5.0 solution extends the capabilities of the VOICE Browser and offers new LIVE KPI components and deployment tools including the QuickConneX 2.0. The FacilityConneX 3.5.0 solution extends the customer’s ability to monitor existing alerts and track the history and acknowledgment of alerts. A drop-in component has been added to the process of embedding these alerts into a customer’s “MY VOICE” view to better monitor equipment operations. This Intelligent Alert Service is integrated with analytics, notifying customers of specific operating conditions and providing informed results and actions. These analytics evaluate data quality and sensor health to minimize false positives and over-reaction of key personnel to a condition. This feature enables customers to:

  •     Create an alert status view with history & exporting
  •     Generate an alert heatmap component in trending
  •     Enhance their alert acknowledgment capability
  •     Templatize configuration for easy alert deployment
  •     Improve user experience with alerts and logic options

The Company has also extended its KPI components with a KPI gauge and with views and capabilities within the KPI list. Among these capabilities is a KPI LIVE mode that enables the operators to see their current values instantly without having to refresh their browser. The features include:

  •     "LIVE" mode toggle for KPI and KPI List components.
  •      KPI Gauge component with a new integrated status on KPI.
  •      Enhanced KPI Item options to configure color/text status lookup, sparkline, font size, default color, and more.

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