FLIR Systems announces FLIR T840 thermal camera

  • May 08, 2019
  • FLIR Systems, Inc.
FLIR Systems announces FLIR T840 thermal camera
FLIR Systems announces FLIR T840 thermal camera

May 8, 2019 - FLIR Systems launched the FLIR T840, a thermal camera in the T-Series family. The T840 offers a display and an integrated viewfinder to help electrical utility, plant managers, and other thermography professionals find and diagnose failing components in any lighting conditions.

Featuring the design of the FLIR T-series camera platform, the T840 features an ergonomic body, an LCD touchscreen, and a viewfinder to use in any lighting conditions. The 464x348-resolution camera incorporates FLIR Vision Processing, including MSX image enhancement technology, UltraMax, and proprietary adaptive filtering algorithms.

The T840 also offers an optional 6-degree lens that allows professionals to capture temperature measurements on small targets at far distances, such as connectors on overhead distribution lines. Also on-camera measurement tools, such as one-touch Level/Span and precise, laser-assisted autofocus, the FLIR T840, enable users to find problems and make critical decisions.

With a 180-degree rotating lens platform, the T840’s ergonomic design helps users reduce full-day inspections and diagnose hard-to-reach components at substations and on distribution lines. The FLIR T840 offers reporting features that help users stay organized in the field. Wi-Fi streaming to the FLIR Tools app helps to survey issues in real time, while in-camera GPS automatically tags image files with geolocation data for identification and documentation.

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