Forescout Technologies releases SilentDefense 4.0

  • May 23, 2019
Forescout Technologies releases SilentDefense 4.0
Forescout Technologies releases SilentDefense 4.0

May 23, 2019  Forescout Technologies announced the release of SilentDefense 4.0. Building on a mature OT network monitoring and intelligence platform, Forescout’s latest enhancements are intended to provide enterprises with lower risk profiles and faster mitigation of threats.

Forescout’s SilentDefense 4.0 comes equipped with the Enterprise Command Center (ECC) and ICS Patrol. The ECC is a software solution and product that aggregates the information coming from multiple SilentDefense Command Centers in a single enterprise dashboard for monitoring global systems health, assets, vulnerabilities and threats. This will enable enterprise customers to scale their oversight and control over multi-network deployment ICS scenarios. ICS Patrol allows users to automate numerous compliance tasks. With this modularity and flexibility, cybersecurity stakeholders are able to maintain detailed regional control over their SilentDefense installations, while scaling throughout their IT/OT infrastructure.

Forescout’s SilentDefense also offers the following capabilities and innovations:

  • Asset visibility and security with ICS Patrol: ICS Patrol is an optional, passive-driven active sensor that allows OT-specific scanning of IT and OT devices. ICS Patroldiscovers assets in a given network (or network segment) and gathers as much information as possible about them in terms of asset inventory / device fingerprinting. Forescout merges passive anomaly detection with proactive cyber security capabilities to non-intrusively extend ICS network visibility and operating intelligence.  
  • OT and automation partner integrations: With the 4.0 release SilentDefense now adds support for new protocols for key technology partners, such as ABB, Emerson and Yokogawa, extending the visibility of non-IP low level devices. In addition, Forescout has further extended the ITL capability to proactively identify and manage cyberthreats and vulnerabilities and custom threat checks.  
  • Solutions for smart meters: SilentDefense 4.0 comes with the inclusion of DLMS/COSEM protocol support, critical for integrated cybersecurity strategies within the smart meter space. DLMS/COSEM stands for Device Language Message Specification/Companion Specification for Energy Metering, which is very critical for the visibility and management of smart meters, especially in the EU and increasingly in the USA. The IEC 62056 standards are the International Standard versions of the DLMS/COSEM specification. 

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