Hoffman Enclosures--PANELdraw™ software

  • January 17, 2020
Hoffman Enclosures--PANELdraw™ software
Hoffman Enclosures--PANELdraw™ software

Designing control systems just got easier. With PANELdraw software from Hoffman®, you can create panel and enclosure layout drawings, quickly and precisely. This AutoCAD® add-on tool has an easy-to-use process for Bill of Material generation, documentation reporting, panel selection and drawing.Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-use AutoCad add-on tool
  • Step-by-step process for Bill of Material generation documentation reporting panel selection drawing 
  • Comprehensive library of layout symbols and appropriate manufacturers' catalog part numbers 
  • Error checking cross-reference functions 
  • Project estimate accounting for labor, material and markup 
Project Management - With PANELdraw, you can organize your drawings into a "project." This provides project-wide cross-referencing and error checking for duplicate IDs. You can also make a variety of project default settings that are automatically applied to every page. You get accurate, consistent drawings, created in record time.Parts Database and Symbol Libraries - You can create a BOM by making selections from the component parts database. PANELdraw provides a mapping function that allows you to read data from an existing parts database and avoid replication of parts data. PANELdraw includes a symbol library from leading hardware manufacturers. With the Symbol Conversion Assistant, you can streamline the addition of existing or vendor-supplied symbols.Enclosure and Panel Selection - PANELdraw can assist in the sizing and selection of panels and enclosures. Enclosure and panel options are displayed based on application requirements, component volume and free space requirements, or actual dimensions after the components are laid out.Drawing Functions - PANELdraw automates the drawing process. You simply place itemes from your BOM to your drawing. You can copy and move elements on a page, and IDs are automatically updated based on a pre-selected format. There's no need to keep track of which IDs you have already assigned. You can combine commonly used elements into macros, and print or bundle your completed drawings.Error Checking Cross-Referencing - PANELdraw has real-time error checking cross-referencing functions that immediately flag errors as they occur. These functions prevent problems such as duplicate IDs and missing part numbers. The software automatically tracks the location of related IDs throughout a multi-page project.Bill of Materials and Project Estimation - With PANELdraw, you can create a Bill of Materials for the entire project or component parts. PANELdraw also allows you to quickly create a project estimate that accounts for material, labor, and markup.Click here to order a FREE 30-day fully operational trial version of Hoffman's PANELdraw.