IntelliView Technologies releases IntelliView Vision System (IVS) 5.0

  • April 10, 2019
  • IntelliView Technologies Inc
IntelliView Technologies releases IntelliView Vision System (IVS) 5.0
IntelliView Technologies releases IntelliView Vision System (IVS) 5.0

April 10, 2019 – IntelliView Technologies has rolled out the latest software update for its IIOT monitoring platform, the IntelliView Vision System (IVS) 5.0.

The release applies to new and existing systems, including the Dual Camera Analytic Modules (DCAM), and constitutes backend upgrades that improve system detection capabilities as well as interface updates that enhance remote event validation.

The processing engine efficiency enables the IntelliView system to handle analytic functions, such as cross camera correlation. This translates to detection accuracy and reduction of false alerts of the fully automated IntelliView monitoring systems, which can detect, qualify and report on user-defined events, such as above-ground liquid and wet hydrocarbon leaks, other hazardous liquids, security breaches, flare stack flame failures, and wildlife intrusions.

The IVS 5.0 also introduces a web interface and a number of customer-driven functionalities to the IntelliView video management system, the System Console (SC), that provide event validation and remote viewing experience overall. 

New features include a full screen mode and a customizable live video tour mode in its comprehensive monitoring toolkit. Users are able to view live feeds and recorded videos at the maximum browser size of their monitor, and flip through multiple camera views without manual operation. The higher image detail produced by a larger screen increases the visibility of small alert-triggering objects, allowing events to be confirmed quicker. 

Other software technologies have also been incorporated in the SC to improve a user’s ability to identify alert causes, confirm events, and manage multiple alerts. 

IntelliView’s analytic imaging systems are driven by video analysis technologies that include algorithms, and deep machine-learning artificial intelligence. The platform’s industrial internet of things architecture allows this processing power to be distributed at the edge and offsite, including customer control centers and third-party monitoring centers, according to site network capacity. 

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