JAI announces four LSX models of 3-CMOS prism color cameras

  • July 23, 2019
  • JAI, Inc.
JAI announces four LSX models of 3-CMOS prism color cameras
JAI announces four LSX models of 3-CMOS prism color cameras

July 23, 2019 – JAI announced the availability of four 3-CMOS prism color cameras designed for use in microscopy-based systems where maximum control of dust, lint, and other foreign object debris particles (FODs) in the optical path is critical.

The Apex Series AP-3200T-USB-LSX is a 3.2-megapixel, 38.3 fps camera featuring three prism-mounted Sony IMX265 CMOS imagers. The AP-1600T-USB-LSX is a 1.6-megapixel camera with three IMX273 CMOS imagers and a full-resolution frame rate of 79 fps. Both models feature USB3 Vision interfaces, whose combination of bandwidth and plug-and-play compatibility have made it a choice for microscopy systems.

The two additional models (AP-3200T-USB-NF-LSX and AP-1600T-USB-NF-LSX) are configured without standard IR-cut filters for extended red-channel response. System builders can use these models to support life sciences applications where enhanced red sensitivity is required to accentuate specific dyes or stains or to differentiate blood or blood vessels from surrounding tissues. These models are also useful for certain food and industrial applications where both visible and NIR analyses are performed simultaneously.

The “LSX” models undergo a screening process to ensure they meet higher standards for dust/FOD suppression. This process is similar to the type of screening used by sensor manufacturers when classifying pixel defects. In addition, the LSX models come with special anti-static dust seals instead of traditional lens caps and feature alumite-treated lens mounts to minimize the creation of FODs when lenses are attached.   

Like JAI’s previously announced microscopy cameras, the models offer full integration with two of the microscopy software solutions – Image-Pro from Media Cybernetics and the µManager open source software package. Custom drivers allow the Apex Series cameras to pass images to the Image-Pro software while allowing certain camera functions to be controlled from within the Image-Pro environment.

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