Kaman Precision Products introduces SC-2440 analog output displacement sensor

  • January 09, 2020

January 9, 2020 – The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products introduced a self-contained analog output displacement sensor for high-precision, and high-repeatability applications.The SC-2440 system is designed for applications featuring automated assembly, OEM applications with on-board computing power, and any application with repeatability requirements.  The SC-2440 requires no calibration and is available for immediate delivery.

The SC-2440 is unique in that the temperature of the sensor is continuously monitored, and the circuit provides a voltage output of 0.5 to 1.2 VDC from 0 to 70° C. This temperature-proportional voltage can be monitored by a microprocessor or PLC for active correction of the displacement output with changing temperature conditions.

Additional features of the SC-2440 system include self-contained electronics, submersible IP-67 rugged housing, a compact build, built-in temperature sensor, fixed gain output, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection.

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