MANN+HUMMEL introduces Filter Cubes to reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution

  • February 07, 2019
MANN+HUMMEL introduces Filter Cubes to reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution
MANN+HUMMEL introduces Filter Cubes to reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution

February 7, 2019 - Filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL presented a technology which reduces nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at locations with high levels of pollution. At the end of last year, Filter Cubes from MANN+HUMMEL were successfully installed at the Neckartor road junction in Stuttgart to reduce the level of fine dust pollution. The filter specialists have now further developed the technology and integrated a combifilter medium. The medium retains fine dust and also filters NO2 out of the air. The innovation helps to protect the people’s health and could make driving bans in inner city areas unnecessary. The Filter Cubes, which were installed last year at the Neckartor road junction in Stuttgart, will be adapted to include the new technology by the summer of 2019. Before the end 2019, the further developed filters will also be used in a pilot project in Ludwigsburg.

The combifilter includes a filter layer that retains particles and additional activated carbon layers to adsorb NO2. In this process, highly porous activated carbon media are used, and due to their large surface area, are able to efficiently absorb NO2. The technology is characterized by a particularly low drop in pressure. As a result, it is able to efficiently clean the air while using a low amount of energy. The Filter Cubes include combifilters and also fans to draw in the ambient air. The filters are able to bind more than 80 percent of the NO2 and fine dust contained in the ambient air that is drawn in.

Depending on the requirements, using a modular system means a number of Filter Cubes can be installed on top of each other to form a filter column. A filter column with three further developed Filter Cubes is able to clean 14,500 m³ of air every hour. Control electronics allow the user to adapt the operation of the filters to match operating conditions and therefore react to the current air quality. Integrated sensors record air and weather data which are transferred to a cloud and analyzed.

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