Olympus introduces DSX1000 industrial digital microscope

  • June 03, 2019
  • Olympus
Olympus introduces DSX1000 industrial digital microscope
Olympus introduces DSX1000 industrial digital microscope

June 3, 2019 – Olympus has launched the DSX1000 industrial digital microscope, facilitating material analyses and measurements over a 20–7000x magnification range. The DSX series of digital microscopes combine Olympus’ optics with the digital technology.

For observation of features with all shapes and sizes, 15 objective lenses are available for the DSX1000, providing a range of magnifications, resolutions and working distances. The DSX’s magnification range of 20x to 7000x is useful in applications such as metallurgy for efficient inspection of macro- and microstructure. Long working distance objectives make it possible to observe irregular 3D samples, such as electronic boards and machined components.

Both the headpiece and the stage can rotate 90° in both directions, to view and analyze samples quickly from every direction without moving them. This benefits inspection of thin samples, such as wafers, as well as large parts, such as automotive components.

To ensure one microscope is suitable for the widest possible range of inspections, the DSX1000 can image samples with six observation modes (brightfield, darkfield, MIX, polarizing, oblique and differential interference contrast). Instant switching between modes means that features requiring different modes can be efficiently analyzed in one inspection. Wafer inspections, for example, require different modes for observing debris, scratches and larger irregularities on a wafer’s surface.

The DSX1000 digital microscope uses a telecentric optical system with low distortion throughout the magnification range, to achieve measurement with accuracy and repeatability.

The combination of six observation modes, magnification range, a rotating headpiece and stage, and accurate measurement capabilities make the DSX1000 a versatile microscope for industrial inspection.

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