Optimal Engineering Systems releases YP110-10-01, YP110-10-02 and YP110-10-03

  • January 13, 2020
  • Optimal Engineering Systems (OES)

January 13, 2020  –  OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.) has introduced three Yaw-Pitch stages.  The YP110-10-01 (stepper motor driven), the YP110-10-02 (brushless servo motor driven) and the YP110-10-03 (DC servo motor driven). The Yaw-Pitch stages are designed for the measurement of angles or the curvature of an object. 

The pitch stage has cross roller guides and a range of travel of +/- 10degrees. The maximum speed is 14 degrees per second with stepper motor driven version and 90 degrees per second with the servo motor driven versions.  The 65 mm x 65 mm table has a pattern of threaded holes for fixtures or tooling and has an accuracy of  0.05degrees and repeatability of +/-  0.01degrees.

The rotation center height is 75 mm and the pitch axis is equipped with end of travel limit switches to signal the motion controller to stop the motion at each end. This axis also has the calibrated indicator to display the angle of rotation. 

The yaw stage is capable of rotation of large angles and features a 180:1 ratio gear. The positional accuracy is 0.05 degrees and repeatability is +/- 0.01degrees. This axis also has a calibrated indicator to display the angle of rotation and HOME signal for initialization.

The knobs of the stepper motors can be replaced with an optional optical encoder for precision position verification.  The YP110-10-02 and YP110-10-03 feature servo motors and optical encoders for closed loop operation and greater travel speeds. 

Each of the stages can be ordered plug-and-play with a fully compatible multi-axis motion controller from OES. 

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