OSIsoft releases OSIsoft Cloud Services cloud-native, real-time data management system

  • June 11, 2019
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OSIsoft releases OSIsoft Cloud Services cloud-native, real-time data management system
OSIsoft releases OSIsoft Cloud Services cloud-native, real-time data management system

June 11, 2019 - OSIsoft LLC released OSIsoft Cloud Services for general availability.

OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS) is a cloud-native, real-time data management system for unifying and augmenting critical operations data from across an organization to accelerate industrial analytics, data science initiatives, data sharing, and other digital transformation projects.

With OCS, an engineer at a chemical producer, for example, could combine maintenance and energy data from multiple facilities into a live superset of information to boost production in real-time while planning analysts could merge several years’ worth of output and yield data to create a ‘perfect plant’ model for capital forecasts.

OCS can also be leveraged by software developers and system integrators to create applications and services or by enterprises and service providers to link remote assets.

Critical operations data—i.e. data generated by production lines, safety equipment, grids, and other systems essential to a company’s survival—is part of one of the fastest growing segments in the data universe. IDC and Seagate estimate in “Data Age 2025: The Evolution of Data to Life Critical”1 that “hypercritical” data for applications such as distributed control systems is growing by 54% a year and will constitute 10% of all data by 2025 while real-time data will nearly double to more than 25% of all data.

Natively compatible with the PI System, OCS extends the range of possible applications and use cases of OSIsoft’s data infrastructure by giving customers and software developers the ability to unify complex operations data from distributed PI System servers and other sources and share it with IT, data scientists, executives, service providers and other employees and partners. Within a few hours, thousands of data streams containing years of historical data can be transferred to OCS, allowing customers to experiment with large data sets the same day.

The core of OCS is a scalable sequential data store optimized for time series data, depth measurements, and similar data. OSIsoft has also embedded numerous usability features for connecting devices, managing user access, searching data sets, transferring data from the PI System to OCS, and other functions. OCS can also accept data from devices outside of traditional control networks or other sources.

To test the scalability and stability of OCS, OSIsoft created a deployment that contained the equivalent of the data generated by all of the smart meters in the U.S. over the last two years, or two billion data streams (100 million meters with 20 data streams each). OCS ingested up to 1.2 billion data points per hour and was managing all two billion streams and their data within 48 hours.

Software developers are creating services based around OCS. DERNetSoft is creating a secure marketplace for sharing utility and electric power data to improve energy forecasts and peak shaving strategies. Meanwhile, others are collaborating with customers to use OCS in efforts to bolster well integrity at oil drilling sites, predict maintenance problems, and reduce energy consumption. OSIsoft partners developing OCS enabled applications and services include Petuum, Seeq, Toumetis, Transpara, Casne Engineering, Diemus, Aperio, and TrendMiner. More about these services will be available at the OSIsoft Marketplace as they are released.

OCS is a subscription offering currently deployed in North America. OCS will be extended to Europe and to other regions in the near future.

Pricing is based on the average number of data streams accessed per month, rather than the complex combination of metrics typically used by other cloud offerings.

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