Peak Analysis & Automation (PAA) introduces KX-2 collaborative robot

  • January 16, 2020

January 16, 2020 Peak Analysis & Automation (PAA) will be showcasing its KX-2 collaborative robot and providing interactive tours of its S-CEL laboratory workcell with expert automation support on booth 1313 at SLAS2020 (San Diego, CA, January 25-29). The company will also have guest speakers from Novartis and Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) presenting an exhibitor tutorial. The speakers will describe how they have automated and streamlined their R&D and QC processes by integrating multiple instruments in workcells - all managed by PAA’s Overlord scheduling and control software.

The KX-2 collaborative robot is designed to meet a need in the market for capable robotics accessible to laboratories of all sizes. The KX-2 robot provides automation, combining reach and 360-degree rotation on the shoulder and wrist axes with radial compactness.

PAA will also be demonstrating the benefits of its S-CEL laboratory workcells at the show with full-function interactive tours of the system led by its automation experts. S-CEL laboratory workcells are designed to streamline equipment utilisation and throughput while reducing the specialist knowledge necessary to operate, all within a safe design. These workcells exceed Biosafety Level 2 and provide laminar air flow across the whole system, delivering a clean, controlled environment for supporting, integrating, and automating a multitude of processes and instrumentation from R&D to QC.

In addition to showcasing its automation hardware, PAA’s guest speakers from Novartis and IDT will be sharing their experiences of using S-CEL workcells and Overlord software in an exhibitor tutorial, entitled “Overlord: From R&D to QC”, in Room 2 at 14:00 on Tuesday January 28th.

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