SyTech announces release of XLReporter version 14.0

  • November 07, 2019
  • Sytech Systems
SyTech announces release of XLReporter version 14.0
SyTech announces release of XLReporter version 14.0

November 7, 2019 - SyTech announced the release of XLReporter version 14.0. This release expands the capability of XLReporter for Web reporting, 21CFR Part 11 features and ISA18.2 Alarm Management.

This version goes beyond Microsoft Excel to design and produce reports in workbook, PDF and Web formats without needing Excel. XLReporter propels user to “Go Beyond Excel” by taking the spreadsheet functionality and delivering it to an industrial environment securely and efficiently.

For reports to be effective, they need to be accessible and readable at one glance. With version 14.0, any device with a web browser can view automated reports on the server and produce custom reports on-demand. Reports are responsive to the device size to provide the best view of the report content.

Template development is performed in the Design Studio, the first of its kind in industry. It has the same “look and feel” of Excel and contains features like formulas, statistics, formatting, sorting, filtering, images and charts. It also provides industrial features like connectivity to data sources, analytics, wizards, scheduling, Emailing and more.

Security is paramount and XLReporter addresses this with various 21CFR Part 11 features.

  • User Access Restrict user actions and templates/report access
  • Audit Trail Keep track of all project changes and signatures applied to reports
  • eSignatures Sign reports electronically for compliance
  • Versioning Apply version control with functionality to roll back to previous versions

The implementation of ISA18.2 Alarm Management is a multi-stage process for managing alarms and is widely accepted as a good engineering practice. One stage of the process is “Monitoring and Assessment” where alarm data is analyzed for performance. XLReporter provides measurements of key performance indicators defined in this stage with at-a-glance dashboards that readily identify process equipment that needs operator attention.

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