Zebra Technologies introduces MC9300 mobile computer

  • April 12, 2019
  • Zebra Technologies Corporation
Zebra Technologies introduces MC9300 mobile computer
Zebra Technologies introduces MC9300 mobile computer

April 12, 2019  Zebra Technologies announced the Android-based MC9300 mobile computer. As the next evolution of the MC9000 series, the MC9300 is intended to enable businesses to modernize their mobile solutions to keep up with the growing demands of e-commerce while shortening training time.

Designed to give a performance edge to those on the front lines of business in warehouses, manufacturing, logistics and back-of-store retail environments, the MC9300 is suitable for inventory management, receiving/put-away, returns processing, cross docking, quality control, parts tracking and price audit applications. Its advanced scanning technology can read direct part marks (DPM), dot peen and laser-etched barcodes and quickly capture 1D or 2D barcodes in virtually any condition and from three inches to as far as 70 feet, providing the flexibility to scan items in small bins or pallets on the uppermost warehouse racks.

The MC9300 is Zebra’s handheld platform and a rugged device.  For challenging cold-storage environments, one MC9300 model features a system of heaters and a freezer-rated battery for frost-free operations.  A Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) model for use in hazardous locations is also available.

The MC9300 has performance supported by the Android operating system (OS), physical keyboards and a full touch screen. The MC9300 mobile computer features a 4.3-inch touch screen protected by Gorilla Glass and a choice of six keypads to run a diverse set of business applications that leverage both input methods. The device includes the latest Qualcomm chipset that supports an extensible platform for application development and assures a minimum of two Android OS upgrades. It also has an optional front and back camera to capture highly detailed photos and videos to document proof of condition and proof of compliance.

The MC9300 is available with Zebra’s Mobility DNA suite of end-user applications, application development tools and utilities that transform Android into an enterprise-ready OS.

Based on Zebra’s commitment to sustainability, the MC9300 was designed to maintain its reliability through longer component lifecycles, longer lasting batteries as well as its survivability, availability and support over many years. With the objective to re-use rather than to replace, the MC9300 is backwards-compatible with existing charging infrastructure via an adapter reducing electronic waste.

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