Abaco Systems introduces ImageFlex version 2.0 image processing toolkit

  • March 28, 2018
Abaco Systems introduces ImageFlex version 2.0 image processing toolkit
Abaco Systems introduces ImageFlex version 2.0 image processing toolkit

March 28, 2018Abaco Systems has announced Release 2.0 of its ImageFlex image processing and visualization toolkit at the GPU Technology Conference. Leveraging the power of GPU technology, ImageFlex provides an API framework designed to speed and simplify the development, optimization and maintenance of advanced AI applications – especially those targeted at autonomous vehicles.

ImageFlex enables developers of image/video processing and visualization applications on GPUs to be productive by hiding the complexity of the underlying software layers. By providing an OpenGL abstraction layer (no OpenGL experience is required) it can reduce the number of lines of code required by a factor of five.

Features for ImageFlex Release 2.0 include:

  • Tools andreference examples enabling AI-based applications to be deployed on Abaco’s NVIDIA®-based GPU products.
  • Provision of a reference target tracking example - a core building block for tracking applications.

ImageFlex is complementary to Abaco’s NVIDIA GPU-based GVC1000 and GVC2000 hardware platforms, which use the NVIDIA Jetson supercomputer on a module for AI computing at the edge. This allows the creation of solutions for Degraded Visual Environment (DVE), 360° situational awareness, helmet mount sight processing, target identification and trackingand other EO/IR processing applications.It is portable across a range of graphics processing architectures and operating systems, and is potentially safety certifiable.

The ImageFlex API provides functions for a range of image processing operations from image transformations through to lens distortion correction and image morphing. It includes image fusion, stabilization, tracking and distortion correction algorithms, as well as a comprehensive set of reference application examples that provide core software building blocks. ImageFlexalso provides tools and reference examples demonstrating how to integrate with sensors anddeploy artificial intelligence-based applications such as object detection and recognition.

In addition, ImageFlex provides an image fusion function that can fuse image data from multiple sources of different resolutions. The algorithm adaptively adjusts to pull through the regions of highest contrast in each source to a produce a fused result, enabling an observer or processing stage to act on the combined information of the sources.

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