ams announces AS5200L dual-die magnetic rotary position sensor

  • June 21, 2018
ams announces AS5200L dual-die magnetic rotary position sensor
ams announces AS5200L dual-die magnetic rotary position sensor

June 21, 2018 – ams, a supplier of sensor solutions, released the AS5200L, a dual-die magnetic rotary position sensor with an I2C interface that enables the development of designs in safety-critical automotive applications.

The AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified AS5200L joins ams’ portfolio of magnetic position sensors, with its feature set focused at electrified powertrain drive-by-wire control functions, such as shift-by-wire for both traditional stick and rotary shifters, and pedal applications.

ams’ position sensing technologies are reinforced in the AS5200L by the provision of dual dies. The stacked configuration of the dies means they may be paired with a single small target magnet while providing identical measurement outputs from each die. Separate package pins are provided for each die to prevent an electrical fault in the device from affecting both dies.

The AS5200L was designed with inherent immunity to stray magnetic fields and produces measurements even in noisy magnetic environments. The AS5200L is housed in an MLF-16 package, with a footprint of 5mm x 5mm, and with exposed pads and wettable flanks for board-level solder joint inspection. The AS5200L is particularly well suited for automotive system designers seeking to implement robust, accurate rotary position sensing in vehicle electrification applications with tight space constraints, such as gear shifters and pedals, and in various other contactless potentiometer applications such as knobs and joysticks.

The provision of an I2C interface allows for programming of operating parameters by a host microcontroller without the need for a dedicated programmer. The AS5200L can provide its angle measurements via the I2C interface or as a PWM signal. Angle measurements are supplied in 12-bit resolution, and the maximum error attributable to inherent non-linearity is a maximum ±1°.

The AS5200L offers low power consumption in active and stand-by modes. A smart low-power mode automatically reduces power consumption, resulting in average current of just 1.5mA when polling every 100ms.

The sensor measures rotation over a full 0° to 360° rotation by default. A smaller range may be set by programming a start and stop position into the chip’s one-time programmable (OTP) memory.

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