ams announces release of XYZ tri-stimulus color sensor

  • May 09, 2018
ams announces release of XYZ tri-stimulus color sensor
ams announces release of XYZ tri-stimulus color sensor

May 9, 2018 – ams announced the release of an XYZ “tri-stimulus” color sensor. The AS73211 extends the existing ams portfolio of TCS3430 and AS7261 true color sensors and addresses the requirements of high-end displays, spotlights and colorimeters.

A member of the ams JENCOLOR family of color sensors, the AS73211 provides filter-on-glass technology. It offers light and color measurements closely matching a typical human eye’s perception of light, as defined by the industry-standard CIE 1931 tri-stimulus model of human eye function.

The sensor measures color accurately at light levels from 0.4 lux up to 208 klux – a dynamic range of 250,000,000:1, enabling operation in widely varying lighting conditions, from moonlight to bright sunshine.

The AS73211 is designed for precise measurements of  dark objects and materials, such as black pixels on a display screen, dark skin, black paint or soil, even in low light conditions. The sensor’s 24-bit integrated light-to-digital converter offers the ability to configure the conversion time in a range from 125µs to 16s, allowing users to adjust operation for balance between speed of measurement and precision.

The AS73211’s automatic power-down mode support use in low-energy and handheld applications.

The thermal characteristics of the filter mean that ams is able to qualify the AS73211 for operation over a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. Internal compensation based on readings from the AS73211’s integrated temperature sensor ensure that the accuracy of color measurement is maintained over the entire operating temperature range.

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