ATEN Technology introduces VP 1000 Core Series and VP2000 Collaborative Series of presentation switches

  • January 14, 2019
ATEN Technology introduces VP 1000 Core Series and VP2000 Collaborative Series of presentation switches
ATEN Technology introduces VP 1000 Core Series and VP2000 Collaborative Series of presentation switches

January 14, 2019 – ATEN Technology, the manufacturer of KVM and Pro AV connectivity solutions, announced a presentation switch series. Tailor-made with features to satisfy a variety of meeting space demands and various presentation environments, the switches are available in two series:

VP 1000 Core Series - The “VP1920” is suitable for all small-to-medium sized corporate and education presentation environments, such as meeting rooms, classrooms, training rooms, or other presentation settings, such as exhibition centers or hotels. It includes a 9x2 4K presentation matrix switch with video matrix switching, audio processing, and analog-to-digital conversion to deliver high-quality video and audio switching. With nine inputs to two 4K outputs, the 3-in-1 presentation switch was designed to boost the efficiency and impact of professional multi-format 4K presentations. With front panel pushbuttons, IR remote controller, OSD, and RS232, the unit reduces system device count.


  • Multi-format AV switching - Switching among 6 HDMI and 3 combo inputs (HDMI/VGA, HDMI/DisplayPort, HDMI/Component/Composite) to 2 HDMI outputs and supports coaxial, TOSLINK, and stereo audio outputs.
  • USB control routing for PCs and touch panels - USB ports integrate PC and touch panel controls with other devices into one system. Independent switching of USB peripheral ports and keyboard/mouse control focus.
  • Selectable matrix, mirror, and PIP modes - Three different display modes meet the needs of various events or presentation styles.
  • Source preview - Identify and switch to target content means no more guessing which port connects to which content source.

VP2000 Collaborative Series - The “VP2730” facilitates distance-free content sharing with audio. Ideal for conference and board rooms, lecture halls, or distance learning classrooms, the solution empowers larger meetings and facilitates collaboration between local and remote participants. It includes a 7x3 seamless multi-in-one presentation switch with video matrix scaler, streaming, audio mixer, and HDBaseT extender.


  • Bi-directional distance-free streaming - Expedite collaboration by going live to stream out HD video or stream in content from a remote site via an intuitive web GUI.
  • Multi-view flexibility - Display and switch simultaneously up to six sources in PiP (picture in picture), PbP (picture by picture), quad-view mode, and more.
  • Moderator mode - The meeting moderator can control any output display remotely and discretely without interrupting the meeting flow.
  • Built-in audio mixer - Supports dynamic and condenser microphone input with selectable 48V phantom power, allowing microphone input to be mixed with program audio.

Simplified AV integration and control, ATEN’s solutions are available in a variety of configurations. Users can mix and match video matrix switch, audio, extension, streaming, and analog-to-digital conversion functions, and share unique features in one compact enclosure. Eliminating the need for numerous individual components also reduces the compatibility challenges that accompany multiple devices. The switches are equipped with an accessible OSD and intuitive Web GUI to streamline operation for both local and remote participants.

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