Balluff releases BML SF2 incremental encoder system

  • July 06, 2018
Balluff releases BML SF2 incremental encoder system
Balluff releases BML SF2 incremental encoder system

July 6, 2018 -   The BML SF2 system from Balluff provides 12 micrometer system accuracy at gap distances up to 1.0 mm and a maximum working gap distance of 1.8 mm. The BML SF2 system is a linear position feedback solution designed for demanding applications such as cutting and forming machinery, X-Y positioning, and direct feedback on electric drives.   The BML SF2 incremental encoder system is available with industry-standard A/B/Z quadrature or analog sine/cosine interfaces and is available in operating lengths of up to 48 meters. The magnetic tape can be ordered in bulk and cut to length per application requirements. Additional features of the BML SF2 linear encoder system include:

  • Metal sensor housing to allow installation in tight spaces
  • Integrated status LED on sensor head to provide indication of status during installation, start-up, and normal operation
  • Non-contact action for wear-free operation

About Balluff 

Balluff Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Balluff GmbH, Neuhausen, Germany. Balluff is a supplier of networked IO-Link control system architectures that unlock the potential of the IIoT and Industry 4.0. Balluff offers a range of intelligent IO-Link and industrial Ethernet sensors in a variety of technologies including inductive, photoelectric, capacitive, and magnetic as well as magnetostrictive linear position sensors, magnetic tape linear encoders, industrial RFID systems, and industrial vision systems.

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