Beck Automation introduces BASIC IML series of two cavity machine

  • October 23, 2018
  • Beck GmbH
Beck Automation introduces BASIC IML series of two cavity machine
Beck Automation introduces BASIC IML series of two cavity machine

October 23, 2018 - The BASIC IML series from Beck Automation AG is now also available for two cavities. The new variant is suitable for 1 to 5 litre buckets. The machine can also be operated with only one cavity. This model complements the BASIC IML model, which is particularly deployed for buckets with product sizes from 5 to 33 litres and was designed for one cavity.

The basic structure of the BASIC IML system comprises a machine frame. The rapid movements are made possible thanks to the machine frame and the use of servo motors made by Beckhoff.

Along with numerous "Beck standards" already available in the basic version, emphasis is also placed on flexibility. Round, rectangular or oval products of between 1 - 5 litres, with cavity spacing of 300mm - 575mm are all possible. The arrangement of the two cavities must be horizontal. The included rotary cores, which correctly orient the label, are already available in the BASIC IML system. The BASIC IML system offers a variety of additional standardised options that expand the range of applications.

The labels are removed from the magazine and centred, ready for application. The labels are retrieved cyclically and positioned directly on the cores. The labels are electrostatically charged and fixed in position in the mould by means of our newly developed sintered cores. Simultaneously, the injection-moulded products are removed from the ejector side of the machine and the finished products are stacked directly on the conveyor belt.

The main arm, which enters the open injection moulding machine from the side, is mounted on a stable linear axis. This consists of an aluminium profile with precision tracks and is driven via a toothed belt by a servo motor. All components are designed for continuous operation and require very little maintenance.

The system is controlled and operated with the Beckhoff control concept, which uses a touchscreen panel. The menu navigation facilitates the operation of the BASIC IML system. Operating status, menu navigation, error messages and other information are displayed on-screen.   

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