CAS Dataloggers announces ProfiSignal Web Software package

  • August 27, 2018
  • CAS DataLoggers
CAS Dataloggers announces ProfiSignal Web Software package
CAS Dataloggers announces ProfiSignal Web Software package

August 27, 2018 - CAS Dataloggers announced the release of the ProfiSignal Web Software package from Delphin Technology. ProfiSignal Web is an application for measurement and monitoring that allows decentralized data acquisition, centralized data storage and browser-based monitoring using a PC or mobile device. Accessing and analyzing measurement data from Industrial, Environmental or Life Science applications has become more flexible than ever before. Whether for monitoring ongoing testing process, fault analysis, condition or temperature monitoring or energy monitoring, PS Web provides a solution for measurement and testing.

ProfiSignal Web allows separation of the data source and the visualization. Data collection and pre-processing takes place locally within a measurement device such as a Loggito Logger. Measurement data from one or multiple devices can be stored at a central location; in the device itself, in the cloud or on a server in a company intranet.  The ProfiSignal Webserver software, installed at the destination, acts as a data manager to process data and make it ready for presentation.  Transmission of data between the measurement device and the server can be chosen according to project needs using LAN, WLAN or mobile communications (3G/LTE). ProfiSignal Web enables measurement data to be viewed on desktops, notebooks, tablets or smartphones using HTML5 which is platform- independent and requires no special client software installation. Data can be displayed in individualized dashboards which users can create without the need for programming knowledge using an intuitive editor tool. The dashboard allows live and historical data to be shown in trend charts, analog meters, or digital readouts. Multiple dashboards allow individual views for different data sets, ProfiSignal Web also provides multiuser access with customizable user-based access rights.

ProfiSignal Web enables the visualization of simple or complex processes and testing. A large selection of graphical objects is available which can be adapted and combined as required. It provides location independent access to live and historical data and is suitable for applications including:

  • Field tests
  • Condition monitoring on remote machines, systems and buildings
  • General remote measurement and monitoring tasks
  • Centralized data collection and storage from multiple sites
  • Weather stations and other environmental measurement systems  

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