Claroty announces enhancements to Continuous Threat Detection platform

  • December 12, 2018
Claroty announces enhancements to Continuous Threat Detection platform
Claroty announces enhancements to Continuous Threat Detection platform

December 12, 2018 – Claroty announced several enhancements to its Continuous Threat Detection product and technology integrations with several industrial automation, network infrastructure and cybersecurity providers. This release incorporates functionality to provide visibility into ICS networks and help industrial enterprises decrease the risk of a cyberattack.

The latest release of Claroty Continuous Threat Detection provides enhancements including:

  • Virtual Zones and OT Network Segmentation – an approach to creating both virtual and policy-based segmentation for your OT network without the typical time, expense and disruption.
  • Multispectral Data Acquisition – an approach to data collection that provides visibility into all the assets in the OT network environment, what they are, what function they perform, configuration information, how the assets are communicating in the network and specific details about the application-level (Layer 7) process automation “conversations.”
  • Technology Ecosystem Integrations – Claroty has expanded its technology integration ecosystem to include partnerships with several additional industrial automation and cybersecurity technology providers. These integrations enable enterprises to leverage their current OT investments in technology, processes and training.

The enhancements to Continuous Threat Detection are part of the Claroty Platform and built on Claroty’s CoreX engine. It provides:

  • Real-time Threat Detection including anomaly and signature-based detection for coverage of known and unknown threats and analysis tools for ICS threat hunting.
  • Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring enabling customers to uncover and remedy network configuration “hygiene” issues and identify assets with known vulnerabilities (CVEs).
  • Secure Remote Access with policy- and workflow-based access control and session monitoring.
  • Enterprise Scalability including a consolidated “single pane of glass” management console for multiplant environments and integration with existing security systems (e.g., SIEM, log management, security analytics, etc.).
  • Deployments in remote, bandwidth- or compute-constrained environments, leveraging a sensor-based architecture suitable for use cases such as electric transmission or oil/gas pipelines.

These enhancements to the Claroty Platform are intended to fill gaps in the industrial cybersecurity market, where industrial enterprises and critical infrastructure providers have been impacted by cyberattacks targeting OT networks and broad-based attacks which “spillover” from IT networks into the operational environment. The release of this latest version of the platform is generally available to all existing clients as of the time of this announcement. 

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