Conversion was Yesterday – The Future is iDTM

  • January 28, 2019
  • FDT Group
Conversion was Yesterday – The Future is iDTM
Conversion was Yesterday – The Future is iDTM

Directly use whatever is available to manage your devices with your FDT/FRAME application.

With iDTM end users decide which FDI Device Package or EDD to use directly in any existing FDT/FRAME (FDT 1.2.x and FDT 2.x). The device manufacturers are free to deliver FDT/DTMs or device packages to their end users. FDI Device Packages or EDDs that are available are sufficient and can now be used in all FDT/FRAME applications. 

So why should you decide to use iDTM? Here are some aspects to be considered:

  • Configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting of all devices with a single DTM
  • No more search for device drivers
  • Reuse existing EDDs or FDI Packages in iDTM-EDD and iDTM-FDI

CodeWrights supports you during the complete lifecycle of your devices covering all your needs (planning, specification, design, implementation, test, registration / certification) – doing so with broad experience, in-depth industry knowledge, high creativity and full discretion.

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