COPA-DATA announces zenon Energy Edition

  • May 02, 2018
COPA-DATA announces zenon Energy Edition
COPA-DATA announces zenon Energy Edition

May 2, 2018 - COPA-DATA recently announced the latest version of its zenon software. With the zenon Energy Edition, COPA-DATA is offering both its private customers and those in the public energy and infrastructure sector a modern system that is able to support different areas of application. The solution on offer supports the automation of substations, hydropower plants, and wind farms. Its focus is on monitoring and optimizing electricity grids, interconnecting energy storage systems, and controlling equipment for the generation and distribution of renewable energy.

zenon is implemented in substation automation. zenon technologies are used for on-site operation (HMI), at control center level (SCADA), and as gateways. COPA-DATA is also developing communication stacks for important international standards, including IEC 61850 (Edition 2), IEC 60870, IEC 61400-25, DNP 3, Modbus Energy, and ICCP. This enables expansion and the maintenance of drivers. zenon's communication abilities ensure connectivity in heterogeneous equipment and compatibility for use in smart grids. In addition, zenon offers many functions for the infrastructure of smart cities. It is possible to monitor and control tunnel facilities, water and waste-water management, as well as public transport and its power supply.

The Command Sequencer is a module that has been integrated into zenon to facilitate the configuration, testing, and sending of command sequences. The command sequences for the automation of substations are configured in an editor. The individual commands in a sequence are arranged one after another. Operators can use the module with no need for programming knowledge. The system can be "taught" certain command sequences. It is also possible to perform testing in a simulated environment and changes can be made directly. PLC programming is not necessary.

The Process Recorder module records process data in full and can then make it available on request in the process visualization at a later point in time. Past processes can be played back, forwarded or reversed step by step, or stopped, as often as needed. The traceability of complex processes in electricity grids or substations supports grid operators in maintaining critical infrastructure reliably.

zenon also supports a new option for combining data from geoinformation systems (GIS) and zenon visualization. With the GIS editor and GIS control, users can display electricity grids in the zenon visualization in geographical mapping material. Current statuses, such as alarms, are shown on the map directly.

Another feature in zenon is the impedance-based fault locating. Using the impedance measured (alternating current resistance), it is possible to localize errors in the grid with great precision.

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