Eaton announces ESVL9 screw-in cartridge valve

  • October 09, 2018
  • Eaton
Eaton announces ESVL9 screw-in cartridge valve
Eaton announces ESVL9 screw-in cartridge valve

October 9, 2018 - Power management company Eaton announced the ESVL9 screw-in cartridge valve (SiCV), a five-way, three-position proportional solenoid valve. Featuring a patent-pending, integrated load-sense check control, the latest solution provides a 21 percent manifold size reduction compared to the external checks available with many five-ported directional control valves on the market today.

The size 10 Eaton ESVL9 valve integrates the external check control within the main cartridge. In addition to providing a platform, Eaton’s valve offering is designed to allow customers to optimize flow forces and metering of flow to the spool–providing stable, even and manageable proportional control. The ESVL9 valve utilizes two springs for functionality. 

Additionally, Eaton’s ESVL9 valve was tested in over 30 design cases with full computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis.

Eaton’s SiCV portfolio provides engineers and operators with a range of valve offerings for both stationary and on/off highway equipment. Eaton SiCVs come in a variety of pressure and flow rates, and options that are designed to stand up extreme environments.  

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