Enging releases Motor Condition Monitoring (MCM) solution

  • March 14, 2018
Enging releases Motor Condition Monitoring (MCM) solution
Enging releases Motor Condition Monitoring (MCM) solution

March 14, 2018 - Enging’s Motor Condition Monitoring (MCM) solution is a real-time monitoring system focused on the predictive maintenance of industrial electric motors.

Enging has developed an approach that allows users to effectively monitor electric motors. Enging’s MCM just needs to acquire the electric signals (voltage and currents) that supply the electric motor, which are available at the control panel (MCC).

These analogue signals are acquired by a dedicated data acquisition board and sent to a gateway device that collects data from the different motors. The information is then sent to a Cloud service or to a central server, where it is processed. Afterwards, any user with access permissions can see what is happening in real-time with the different devices. Most importantly, if something abnormal is detected, this intelligent platform sends an email to defined users, warning about the device condition, the fault type, its location and severity level. All this information can also be integrated with SCADA systems or any other platform.

At the core of this system is an algorithm that integrates technological developments on condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of electric motors, using electric signals. This algorithm allows to detect failures in all parts that comprise electric drives.

The algorithm computes several fault indexes associated to the different fault categories. Since it is sensitive, incipient faults can be therefore detected at an early stage.

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