EPLAN announces Store Share View cloud solution

  • July 06, 2018
  • EPLAN Software & Services
EPLAN announces Store Share View cloud solution
EPLAN announces Store Share View cloud solution

July 6, 2018 - EPLAN Software & Service GmbH announced its offering of Store Share View. This in-house solution based on Microsoft Azure is a service that brings EPLAN Projects to the cloud. Bringing data to the cloud and for instance using it to enable scenarios for collaboration. Additionally, it is also the foundation for future cloud-to-cloud connections.

The new integration to the EPLAN Cloud is available starting with Version 2.8. Designers can make the schematic project available in the cloud from the platform for downstream company processes.

At the Hannover Messe, EPLAN presented the part of Store Share View of which projects can be viewed, reviewed and commented upon via redlining workflow. From this starting point forward, EPLAN accompanies its customers on the pathway to the cloud. Users have from a central data source that makes EPLAN data available for everyone involved in a project (including for downstream processes). Access to the data is universal: from every end device, from every location, and independent of an EPLAN installation.

The name Store Share View already describes the journey their customers will take to the cloud: EPLAN Projects can be saved in the cloud (Store) and are available for all project participants (Share) to see (View) at any time. It doesn´t require any sort of installation - not even the traditional Viewer installation which was required previously. All that is needed to be done is log in, view the project, make comments using the redlining function, and mark the work progress. \ The system is designed so that all the necessary EPLAN Project information is available in the cloud as a central information source. The engineering knowledge remains protected from unauthorized access by managing the access options. Rights assignment itself resides with the customer´s respective department.

With Store Share View - the first step of EPLAN´s cloud concept - external participants may also access the data if they are assigned access rights. The infrastructure for collaboration is available through the cloud and a department must no longer go through an elaborate project hand-over process. Sub-suppliers can simply use a web browser to read the current project status. Another practical benefit: Only current data are available and changes are documented by way of a managed redlining workflow.  

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