Festo introduces CPX-FB36 digitalization solution

  • November 12, 2018
  • Festo Corporation
Festo introduces CPX-FB36 digitalization solution
Festo introduces CPX-FB36 digitalization solution

November 12, 2018 — At Automation Fair 2018, November 14-15, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Festo will introduce solutions that advance Rockwell Automation’s data-driven manufacturing and processing initiatives. (Festo Automation Fair Booth #411)

The Festo CPX-FB36 is the first Rockwell Automation third-party device that provides FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices (Shelby) with valve terminal health and diagnostic details. When combined with the MSE6-E2M intelligent energy efficiency module, Shelby creates a dashboard providing the pneumatic response of a system with up to a six-month look-back. The CPX-FB36 diagnostic data is also accessible by FactoryTalk TeamONE mobile app users via the Action Deck.

The CPX-FB36 brings the Festo VTEM digital pneumatic valve terminal into the Rockwell Automation Connected Enterprise. Each VTEM intelligent valve changes functionality based on downloadable apps from Festo. These flexible valves can potentially replace up to 50 pneumatic components. At Automation Fair, Festo introduces two downloadable apps:

  • Soft Stop: enables the acceleration of a linear actuator without the use of shock absorbers  
  • Model-based pressure control: ensures control of a pneumatic actuator without having to incorporate additional sensors

Festo provides add-on instructions to integrate the VTEM into the Rockwell Automation architecture.

Festo previews its soon to be released CPX-IoT Gateway. CPX-IoT gives customers preconfigured dashboards for Festo devices, including all CPX valve terminals and the MSE6-E2M intelligent energy efficiency module.  User programming is not required. Festo demonstrates a real-time E2M dashboard from a module located in a manufacturing plant 4,000 miles from Philadelphia.  

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