Hexagon introduces portable Absolute Arm range

  • August 28, 2018
Hexagon introduces portable Absolute Arm range
Hexagon introduces portable Absolute Arm range

August 28, 2018 - Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has unveiled its Absolute Arm range. The portable measuring arms modernized to meet the needs of today’s metrology users, with a focus on usability and versatility.

A feature of the new Absolute Arm is its modular wrist design. This allows both the RS5 Laser Scanner and the pistol grip to be completely removed, facilitating probing in tight spaces. When reattached for laser scanning applications, a variety of grip sizes are available to ensure a fit for every user. The wrist also now features a display screen that allows for measurement result oversight, profile switching and calibration right at the point of measurement, reducing time spent switching attention between the arm and its control computer.

This Absolute Arm range retains many features of the previous generation of ROMER Absolute Arm. These include the proprietary Absolute Encoders and diagnostic reporting, as well as rotating grips and a counterweight system that facilitate movement and measurement.

The Absolute Arm models are also available in a 6-axis version designed for dedicated probing applications. The full Absolute Arm range is available across seven sizes, with measurement radiuses from 1.2 to 4.5 metres, and three levels of accuracy, resulting in 36 unique arm configurations.

The Absolute Arm range is now available to order from local Hexagon representatives around the world, with the first units shipping in September.

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