IFS announces IFS Applications 10 enterprise applications suite

  • May 03, 2018
IFS announces IFS Applications 10 enterprise applications suite
IFS announces IFS Applications 10 enterprise applications suite

May 1, 2018 - IFS launched IFS Applications 10, the new version of its enterprise applications suite at the IFS World Conference in Atlanta. Built to help customers capitalize on disruptive industry trends such as automation, connected devices (IoT), and servitization, this version helps companies connect their business to a digital backbone.

New to IFS Applications 10 is:

  • AI/human-machine interaction: Drawing on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, IFS Applications 10 features the IFS Aurena Bot that empowers users to interact with the system via voice or text input in an intuitive and efficient way. IFS Aurena Bot can be used by employees and managers to ask questions in natural language, as well as perform transactions such as registering absence or applying for leave. IFS Aurena Bot can be accessed from communications tools such as Skype, Skype for Business, and Facebook Messenger, as well as from within the IFS Aurena user experience.
  • Service-centric capabilities: IFS Applications 10 includes major investments to support service-focused organizations, especially for manufacturers with service or aftermarket operations as well as service companies that need an integrated enterprise applications suite tailored to their business model. Among the updates in this area are the ability to manage service work and contract quotations directly in the customer relationship management (CRM) module, enhanced support for multi-person and multi-occurrence work execution, continued investment in IFS Mobile Work Order, management and visualization of resource demand and utilization, cost control and WIP accounting along with new capabilities to engage with customers across the service lifecycle and manage work outsourced to contractors.
  • Demand-driven MRP (DDMRP): DDMRP is an extension of traditional manufacturing resource planning (MRP) that helps companies deal with today’s challenges caused by short product lifecycles, long lead times and high demand variability. The IFS embedded solution has been validated and approved by the Demand Driven Institute.
  • Manufacturing functionality: The version boasts enhancements to support process manufacturing, including new and extended capabilities for traceability, quality management, recipe and formula management, batch balancing, rework, and trade management.  

IFS Applications 10 has already been implemented by five early adopter customers who have also provided feedback on the system. Representing a range of different industries and geographies, the early adopters are Chief Industries, Inc. (USA), Hexpol (Sweden), Portsmouth Aviation (UK), Volac (UK), and Valmont Industries (USA).

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