KEB Automation announces COMBIVERT T6 Auxiliary Power Drives

  • September 20, 2018
  • KEB America, Inc.
KEB Automation announces COMBIVERT T6 Auxiliary Power Drives
KEB Automation announces COMBIVERT T6 Auxiliary Power Drives

September 20, 2018 - KEB Automation has launched a modular, scalable combined drive & controller system for hybrid and electric vehicles. The system can be adapted to suit specific customer requirements and associated drive functions, particularly applications in wholly- or partly-electrified trams, buses, trains, agricultural and construction vehicles and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs).

The COMBIVERT T6 APD (Auxiliary Power Drives) from KEB Automation offers a connection or adaptation facility to suit all vehicle energy sources. This means auxiliary drive components such as air conditioning, air compressors, hydraulic pumps, Power Take Off / Shaft substitutes and ventilators can be decoupled from the combustion engine (main drive) and installed in the most mechanically favourable position on the vehicle.

The capabilities of the T6 APD controller are on-demand adjustment of voltage, current and frequency in up to six drive/motor axes. The T6 APD controls all types of electric motor, providing automatic motor identification. The controller provides torque control, as well as a variety of control algorithms, including open-loop control and SCL (sensorless-closed-loop) for synchronous and asynchronous (A.SCL) motors.

Components of the T6 APD include the inverter modules in three power ratings with output nominal currents of 16.5A, 33A and 60A for up to six electric motors, as well as intelligent control for individual implementation of system characteristics and as a communication gateway for vehicle control (using the automotive standard MCU J1939 CAN APP Communication Gateway).

The T6 APD can control any motor without a feedback device and meets all the requirements for an automotive system with regards to its mechanical and thermal properties, environmental conditions, EMC, safety and service life.  

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