Kepware announces release of KEPServerEX version 6.5

  • July 13, 2018
  • Kepware
Kepware announces release of KEPServerEX version 6.5
Kepware announces release of KEPServerEX version 6.5

July 13, 2018 - Kepware, a PTC business developing industrial connectivity software, announced the release of the industrial connectivity platform. Available immediately and free for existing users with valid V5 and V6 licenses of KEPServerEX, KEPServerEX version 6.5 includes secure deployment guidelines, greater project file protection, enhanced password configuration and other updated security components.

To strengthen cybersecurity collaboration with its customers, PTC is introducing a Shared Responsibility Model in conjunction with KEPServerEX version 6.5. This model defines a framework for PTC and its customers to work together to increase the security of deployments.

To encourage adoption of security best practices, KEPServerEX version 6.5 features a Secure Deployment Guide intended to help users implement production instances of KEPServerEX in a way that can help to reduce security risks. The guide provides strategic recommendations on utilizing secure interfaces and the Configuration API, on-going server maintenance, KEPServerEX installation and post-installation actions and more.

Additional security resources and enhancements within KEPServerEX version 6.5 include:

  • Project File Protection: Enables users to encrypt .opf project files when they are being transferred to other users or other instances of KEPServerEX. This capability uses modern encryption to make it more difficult for attackers to use brute force methods.
  • Administrator Password in Install: Allows users to set an administrator password during the KEPServerEX install to strengthen security of application-level settings—even before configuration.
  • Back-end Security Updates: Updated encryption algorithms help combat modern encryption-breaking technology and strengthen the on-going security of the application.

To make upgrading KEPServerEX easier for customers, PTC is offering a free version 6.5 upgrade to all users with a valid Version 5 or Version 6 license for a limited time, including licenses without an active support agreement. PTC is also offering support and maintenance at a discounted rate to enable customers to continue safeguarding their operations as more security features are added to KEPServerEX.

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