mySCADA announces myPanel smart HMI

  • January 28, 2019
  • mySCADA Technologies
mySCADA announces myPanel smart HMI
mySCADA announces myPanel smart HMI

January 28, 2019 - myPANEL is a product of mySCADA. The idea of connecting smart HMI (panel) and the software for technology control (scada) originally came from the customer requirements, who needed to control the production and operate their machine while collecting and saving the production data.

In each project, there is a possibility to have different access levels with different rights. The employee has to login with password or using RFID reader and log with the card. The responsibility of the actions is clear, all actions are saved in history and thus traceable for example in timeline tool.

Timeline displays not only user logins but all set parameters that need to be monitored (e.g. start/end of the order, alarms or machine failures). For a better production optimization, the failures have to be restored and analysed retrospectively. The system automatically measures the duration time of each alarm and its frequency. Based on those data, the workers analyse what the priorities are to ensure more effective production.

Usually, the stored data is in table form. In mySCADA system, all kind of graphs are feasible - bar charts, 3D charts, box plots and many others available in components library. Many different modules are applicable based on the client needs. On the picture below, there is just a few basic ones which have been chosen as the most common till now.

myPANEL has an aluminium frame and four different sizes are available (5, 7, 10 and 15 inch), with ARM or Intel architecture, up to 120 GB storage and NXP i.MX7 Dual Core or X5-E8000 processor.

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