Nozomi Networks announces release of version 18.5

  • November 15, 2018
Nozomi Networks announces release of version 18.5
Nozomi Networks announces release of version 18.5

November 15, 2018 Nozomi Networks announced its latest round of innovations to accelerate industrial cyber threat detection. With this release, Nozomi Networks is addressing a rapidly maturing market with:

  • A safe active choice for precise ICS network visibility
  • A threat feed service to support advanced threat monitoring
  • A visual GUI for improved usability and alerting
  • More SCADAguardian deployment options – with the addition of containers

The convergence of IT/OT has advanced the need for new security capabilities and integrations. Gartner predicts that “by 2022, 30% of asset-centric enterprises will adopt a hybrid model to secure OT environments,  with traditional security deployed alongside specialist OT security technology, up from 10% in 2018.” * The research firm recommends “security and risk management leaders focused on industrial Internet of Things and OT security should identify key OT assets and systems, as well as potential vulnerabilities, and prioritize security processes and controls, based on recognized threats to OT and IT systems.” **

In response to these evolving market demands, the latest enhancements in the Nozomi Networks 18.5 release include:

SCADAguardian Advanced

First previewed in August, SCADAguardian Advanced (SGA) is a separate and distinct product. SGA includes Smart Polling, a technique that uses low volume, precise communications to actively identify and describe assets, vulnerabilities, and threats. Users can:

  • Safely discover firmware, patch level and other device details
  • Confirm vulnerabilities
  • Monitor a complete set of ICS data
  • Choose default configurations, or manually apply Smart Polling to query specific devices or selected areas of the network

OT ThreatFeed

Nozomi Networks OT ThreatFeed helps IT and OT teams to find, understand and respond to anomalies and threats. With this service Nozomi Networks OT security experts curate, test and enhance ICS threat and vulnerability information gathered from their own research and that of the ICS security community. The OT ThreatFeed arms SCADAguardian customers against emerging OT threats with precise automated threat alerts and recommendations for remediation. Updates delivered through the Nozomi Networks OT ThreatFeed include:

  • Identified threat signatures, indicators of compromise and zero-days discovered by Nozomi Networks
  • Curated malware indicators from the ICS community, with Yara Rules & Packet Rules
  • Updates from the U.S. Government’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD)

Container-based Delivery Model

With this latest release, SCADAguardian can be deployed via a container embedded into select switches and routers as well as within the security infrastructure of Nozomi Networks partners. Nozomi Networks’ container-based option allows operators to manage fewer devices and deploy across a variety of embedded network devices and security architectures.

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