Ocean Data Systems announces Dream Report version 4.82

  • May 30, 2018
  • Ocean Data Systems
Ocean Data Systems announces Dream Report version 4.82
Ocean Data Systems announces Dream Report version 4.82

May 30, 2018 – Ocean Data Systems (ODS) announced that Dream Report version 4.82 is posted and available for download. Dream Report version 4.82, technically a maintenance release, is available to all 4.8 customers.  Along with an array of Customer Software Change Requests (SCRs), this release delivers on a theme of Partner Connectivity.  Dream Report is now the official solution for the Aveva - ClearSCADA solution and version 4.82 includes drivers to access historical values, historical messages and real-time values.  This release also includes connectivity for the OSIsoft - PI Historian and Asset Framework. Enhanced connectivity is also delivered for the Aveva - Wonderware Online InSight product and the Dream Report - Advanced ODBC Driver for time series data in SQL Databases.

General features include an enhanced Automatic Statistic Table to add flexibility for ad-hoc analysis, access to Table Footer data delivering the ability to enhance report calculations using table footer results and support for .xlsm (Excel File Format) to support macros.

About Ocean Data Systems

Founded in 2004, Ocean Data Systems develops software solutions for industrial compliance and performance; reports, dashboards, and ad-hoc analysis and troubleshooting. The product, Dream Report, is a solution for industry and the “Internet of Things (IOT).” Dream Report delivers both local and Internet connectivity to all major HMI/SCADA, Historian and business data sources through either proprietary or industry standard drivers. 

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