Pentek introduces Model RTX 2590 recorder

  • November 29, 2018
Pentek introduces Model RTX 2590 recorder
Pentek introduces Model RTX 2590 recorder

November 29, 2018 ‚îÄ Pentek announced the most recent addition to the Talon RTX 25xx series, a small form factor (SFF) recorder product line for extreme operating environments. Optimized for SWaP (size, weight and power), the rugged sealed ½ ATR recorders are available with multiple input optionsand can hold up to 30.7 TB of removable SSD storage. These SFF recorders provide real-time streaming data rates of up to 4 GB/s for RF or high-speed recording.

The Model RTX 2590 provides eight phase-coherent channels of 250 MHz 16-bit A/Ds, allowing users the ability to capture up to 100 MHz of RF/IF signal bandwidth per channel with range. It can sample RF/IF signals up to 700 MHz and provides digital downconverters with selectable decimation of 2 to 32,768.

Engineered to operate in environments with high levels of shock and vibration, the RTX recorder's chassis keeps all electronics sealed from the external environment. The ½ ATR chassis uses military standard circular connectors for I/O to control RF emissions while protecting the recorder’s electronics from humidity, water, dust, sand and salt fog.

The Talon RTX SFF chassis further seals the internal electronics from the outside environment by extracting heat through conduction to an inner plenum that is air cooled. A thermostat-controlled, removable fan pulls air into the front of the chassis, through the plenum and then out the back of the chassis. Only the fan is exposed to the outside environment, assuring all system electronics are protected in the sealed chassis. The inner plenum can be replaced to provide other cooling options, such as liquid or conduction cooling.

Designed to operate from -40ºC to +60ºC, these recorders can handle most thermal environments, making them ideal for UAV’s, aircraft pods, tight equipment bays, military vehicles and most outdoor environments.

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