Siemens and Bentley Systems introduces PlantSight digital twin cloud services

  • October 15, 2018
  • Siemens
Siemens and Bentley Systems introduces PlantSight digital twin cloud services
Siemens and Bentley Systems introduces PlantSight digital twin cloud services

October 15, 2018 - Siemens and Bentley Systems announced the introduction of PlantSight, resulting from development together based on their software portfolios. PlantSight is a digital solution designed to benefit customers through more efficient plant operations. PlantSight enables as-operated and up-to-date digital twins which synchronize with both physical reality and engineering data, creating a holistic digital context for understood digital components across disparate data sources, for any operating plant.

For process industries, characterized by ongoing capital projects, the effectiveness of digital twins depends upon the integrity and accessibility of as-operated information presented and continuously updated in trusted 2D schematic and 3D model formats. PlantSight provides all stakeholders with cloud/web-enabled visibility and access into existing data and tool interfaces, assuring that changes are captured and managed.

With PlantSight as-operated digital twin cloud services, operational and project- related engineering data is aligned. All disciplines and stakeholders have immediate access to consistent representations.

PlantSight coalesces project digital twins, and control systems digital twins, and will soon extend to performance digital twins, and component product digital twins.

PlantSight mirrors the physical plant through “continuous” surveys and reality modeling cloud services. Overlapping photographs and (as needed) supplemental laser scans, from UAVs and ground-level imagery, are processed to generate spatially-classified and engineering-ready reality meshes—the plant’s digital context, within which can be geospatially located each tagged component.

To synchronize with the plant’s evolving engineering data, Bentley and Siemens Comos teams worked together to create PlantSight’s Connected Data Environment (CDE). It includes information bridges from engineering models and an integration hub to accomplish the required semantic alignment for digital components (including their tag designations). PlantSight’s CDE is also populated by pertinent data from other sources, such as project deliverables and control systems inputs, to the  degree referenced through digital component tags.

For engineers in operating plants, the value of an as-operated digital twin is determined by the accessibility and integrity of information that can be presented, and edited, in trusted formats of schematics and 3D models. PlantSight, through its cloud service and web interface, takes advantage of Comos and OpenPlant, fully integrating functional and spatial modeling. Engineers on site can have both accessible existing data, and accessible tool interfaces, to assure that as- operated changes are timely and accurately captured and managed through PlantSight’s ledger of changes.

The as-operated digital twin, through the cloud accessibility and securely open architecture of its CDE, provides visibility throughout the operating plant lifecycle, including mixed-reality visualization of all information, and digital visibility for machine learning and analytics.

PlantSight digital twin cloud services will be marketed separately by both Siemens and Bentley, and early adopters are now being selected. The companies are now working to add to PlantSight asset performance modeling (APM) capabilities, to make the most of services based on Siemens’ MindSphere IoT operating system. For manufactured digital components, Siemens’ Teamcenter PLM will provide access to product digital twins for simulation and remediation.  

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