Yokogawa introduces R2 FlowNavigator software

  • January 07, 2019
  • Yokogawa Corporation of America
Yokogawa introduces R2 FlowNavigator software
Yokogawa introduces R2 FlowNavigator software

January 7, 2019 - Yokogawa’s R2 FlowNavigator lets users configure the on-board flow computing functions implemented in Yokogawa’s EJX900 Series Multi-variable Pressure Transmitter and DYF Series Multi-variable Vortex Flowmeter.

The FlowNavigator software unlocks the Flow Configuration Wizard (FCW) and Obtain Flow Coefficient (OFC) modules in the DTMs of the respective devices, adding material and fluid property databases.

The FCW module provides a menu-driven method for configuring the flowcomputer, including the selection of pipe and primary element dimensions and materials as well as fluid data from the fluid property database. The FCW then calculates the coefficients for compensation, allowing the device to dynamically compensate for fluid compressibility over the flow range.

In addition to Orifice Plates, Venturi tubes and Flow Nozzles, the R2.02 release supports Multipoint Averaging Pitot Tube and Cone type primary elements.

The OFC module verifies the correct configuration of the flowcomputer by calculating mass or standard volume flow from actual or manually entered parameters.

The R2 FlowNavigator software is a DTM add-on. It requires a FDT2-compliant tool such as Yokogawa’s FieldMate R3.03.02 device management tool. It is compatible with both FDT 1.2.x and FDT 2.x versions of the relevant device DTMs.

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