ABB introduces Truckmaster circuit breaker racking motorization solution

  • November 29, 2017
  • ABB
ABB introduces Truckmaster circuit breaker racking motorization solution
ABB introduces Truckmaster circuit breaker racking motorization solution

November 29, 2017 – ABB’s TruckMaster solutions are designed to increase personnel safety by maintaining a safe distance between personnel and equipment during operations, providing a means to avoid injuries such as internal arc events.

Circuit breaker racking motorization places a safe distance between the operator and the switchgear, which safeguards non-internal arc classified switchgear and/or switchgear when the door is opened to rack-in/out. It offers a motorization solution for maintenance related operations.

Beside the TruckMaster floor-rolling (FR) version, which is suitable for new floor-rolling retrofit breakers, ABB introduced a TruckMaster Cassette (CS) version for the global market that allows remote racking control for rotary racking mechanism-based circuit breakers. TruckMaster CS is versatile and can cope with all products with similar design, providing a light weight remote control solution with no need for panel modifications.

The solution can be applied to ABB panels with cassette or floor-rolling circuit breakers, with two-position screw/rotary racking systems and equipped with withdrawable active, legacy and retrofit apparatus. The same is applicable to non-ABB panels assembled with ABB cassettes and breakers. TruckMaster also enhances safety for internal arc classified switchgear not equipped with a gas outlet and reduces the effects of very loud noise on operators.

This solution allows operating personnel to carry out the racking procedures from a safety distance with the panel door closed. The design integrates a portable, external driver controlled by the operator through a remote console. The driv-er docking is applied to the panel door, when motorized control is required, in order to accept the link with the portable driver. The magnetic driver docking allows a fast and easy readiness of the racking operation.

A single TruckMaster kit enables remote motorized switchgear line-up enabling a 50 percent reduction in cost com-pared to traditional motorized truck breaker upgrades.

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