Altech introduces AMT series of multi-timers

  • March 14, 2017
Altech introduces AMT series of multi-timers
Altech introduces AMT series of multi-timers

March 14, 2017 - The expanded lineup of multi-timers and time switches from Altech Corp includes universal digital multi-timers, analog multi-timers, programmable panel-mount digital multi-timers, and digital time switches in various versions.  All provide solutions for applications where timing is critical.

AMT8 and AMT12 universal digital multi-timers are available in four models featuring 8 or 18 timing functions and adjustable time range from 0.1 seconds to 999 hours.  A three-digit LCD display shows preset time and run time information for reference.  Universal supply voltage is 24-265 VAC/DC.  These timers are 17.5mm in width and configured for DIN-rail mounting.

AMT10 and AMTAS universal analog multi-timers are offered in two models featuring 10 or 2 timing functions and adjustable time range from 0.1 second to 100 hours.  An LED indicator shows power and relay status and selector dials on the front of the timer simplify operation.  Universal supply voltage is 12-265 VAC/DC.  The compact timers can be DIN-rail mounted.

AMT33 programmable panel-mount digital multi-timers include two models featuring 33 timing functions and two independent outputs with individually selectable timing modes.  Time range is adjustable from 0.1 seconds to 999 days and a 7-segment digital LED display shows current run time information and input/output states.   Supply voltage is 110-240 VAC and these multi-timers can be panel or DIN-rail mounted.

ATS digital time switches are engineered in three chrono versions (ATS-C) allowing daily or weekly switching time or three pulse versions (ATS-P) allowing for pulse operations lasting from 1 second to 59 seconds.  An LCD display indicates real time and program information, the keypad is lockable, and the switch is equipped with simple manual override.  The witches are designed for DIN-rail mounting. 

All Altech multi-timers and switches are UL listed and CE certified.  Altech further provides product support and the capability to develop customized solutions to meet particular requirements.  

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