Bitflow announces SDK 6.30 upgrade available for download

  • April 18, 2017
  • BitFlow
Bitflow announces SDK 6.30 upgrade available for download
Bitflow announces SDK 6.30 upgrade available for download

April 18, 2017 -- BitFlow, a supplier of frame grabbers for machine vision, has upgraded its Software Development Kit (SDK) to the next generation SDK 6.30, now available on the company's download page.

The BitBox provides 36 inputs and 36 outputs in a compact, DIN-rail mounted, compact form factor that supports TTL, LVDS, open collector, opto-isolated and 24V signaling. It is controlled solely by a BitFlow frame grabber, using the same APIs and drivers. The Aon-CXP is aframe grabber for the new wave of single link CoaXPress cameras that allow integrators to use standard Coaxial cable for  transmission of data. The Aon CXP can be coupled with any of the current single link CXP cameras on the market to provide a solution that boasts an 1.6x data rate improvement over USB3, without the restrictions of a short cable.

In addition to support for the Aon-CXP and BitBox, enhancements incorporated into BitFlow SDK 6.30 are:

  • BitFlow Preview: This standard for live image view replaces the previous generation BitFlow SDK's CiView viewer. It provides users with a cleaner interface, and smoother zooming all the way down to the pixel level. Unlike CiView which only saved at 8-bit, Preview acquires and saves images at the full bit depth of the camera.
  • CamML: A tool specifically for BitFlow Cyton and Axion frame grabber camera configuration files (*.BFML) that makes editing extremely simple and easy to understand.
  • Firmware improvements for both Axion and Cyton frame grabbers.
  • Up to date camera configuration files and firmware created and updated since the last BitFlow SDK release.

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