CAP-XX announces series of cylindrical supercapacitors

  • March 20, 2017
CAP-XX announces series of cylindrical supercapacitors
CAP-XX announces series of cylindrical supercapacitors

March 20, 2017 - CAP-XX, a developer of supercapacitors that deliver power to support batteries, launched cylindrical supercapacitors. Combining its cylindrical supercapacitors with its existing thin prismatics that address space-constrained designs, CAP-XX offers a range of small supercapacitors to power IoT industrial and consumer devices, from energy harvesting for wireless sensors to peak power support for wireless transmissions. 

The smallest one, Farad supercapacitor is 12 millimeters long and comes in two diameters: 6.3 millimeters (400 milliohms) and 8 millimeters (180 milliohms). The largest 400 Farad supercapacitor is 68 millimeters long and 35 millimeters in diameter (3 milliohms). All configurations are outlined in CAP-XX data sheets. The temperature range is -40°C to +65°C. Assembly is by soldering or welding (ultrasonic, laser or spot), via radial lead, solder pin or tab.

By comparison, CAP-XX’s existing prismatic supercapacitors range from US$1.80 (1.0 millimeters thick, 180 milli-Farads, 40 milliohms) up to US$3.50 (3.5 millimeters thick, 1.2 Farads, 20milliohms) and are available in 2.5V / 70° C to 5.5V / 85° C configurations. Example applications include:

  • Energy harvesting for wireless sensors, wireless HVAC sensors and actuators
  • Peak power support for GSM/GSR transmission, locks and actuators, and portable drug delivery systems
  • Last gasp power for remote meter status transmission
  • Short term bridging power for battery hot swaps

Supercapacitors can handle peak power events, supporting batteries and energy harvesters configured to provide low-power current at maximum efficiency. Supercapacitors also enable quick device charging and wireless power transfer, and provide the backup needed for graceful shutdown and “last gasp” transmissions in mission-critical applications.

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