CyberX releases CyberX ICS Threat Monitoring App for QRadar

  • January 10, 2018
CyberX releases CyberX ICS Threat Monitoring App for QRadar
CyberX releases CyberX ICS Threat Monitoring App for QRadar

January 10, 2018 -- CyberX, the OT cybersecurity company safeguarding critical industrial infrastructures worldwide, launched the CyberX ICS Threat Monitoring App for QRadar, which leverages IBM security intelligence technology to enable a unified approach to IT and Operational Technology (OT) security in the corporate SOC.

In the wake of sophisticated industrial threats such as WannaCry/NotPetya, Industroyer/CrashOverride, and TRITON, industrial cybersecurity is a critical priority. Integrating CyberX’s purpose-built OT security platform with IBM QRadar is designed to enable organizations to respond more quickly, allowing CISOs to strengthen OT security while building upon the investments they’ve already made in people, workflows, and technology for the corporate SOC. In particular, the app provides SOC analysts with deeper visibility into the specialized OT protocols and IIoT devices deployed in industrial control system (ICS) environments, along with ICS-specific behavioral analytics to detect suspicious or anomalous behavior.

The application is freely available to the security community through IBM Security App Exchange, a marketplace where developers across the industry can share applications based on IBM Security technologies. As threats are evolving faster than ever, collaborative development amongst the security community will help organizations adapt quickly and speed innovation in the fight against diverse adversaries including nation-states, cybercriminal organizations, hacktivists, and privileged insiders.

The CyberX ICS Threat Monitoring App leverages IBM QRadar, the company’s security intelligence platform which analyzes data across an organization’s infrastructure in real-time to identify potential security threats.

Developed by military cyber experts with nation-state expertise defending critical infrastructure, the CyberX platform delivers continuous ICS threat monitoring and asset discovery. It combines an embedded understanding of industrial devices, protocols, and applications with ICS-specific anomaly detection based on proprietary self-learning algorithms, as well as ICS-specific threat intelligence, risk and vulnerability assessments, and automated threat modeling. The platform enables organizations to reduce OT risk by addressing all 4 requirements of Gartner’s Adaptive Security Architecture, including Detect, Respond, Predict, and Prevent.

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