Diakont Electric Actuators Improve Auto Manufacturing Economy, Uptime, and Product Quality

  • April 10, 2017
  • Diakont
 Diakont Electric Actuators Improve Auto Manufacturing Economy, Uptime, and Product Quality
Diakont Electric Actuators Improve Auto Manufacturing Economy, Uptime, and Product Quality

San Diego, California – Diakont’s new electric servo actuators deliver higher performance and lower maintenance in automotive manufacturing applications, when compared with alternate solutions. Proven to deliver best-in-class service lifetime, the use of Diakont electric actuators reduces manufacturing costs by eliminating unplanned downtime, while increasing overall product quality through precision force and position control. With these performance benefits, Diakont’s electric actuators are a better choice than ever for motion control systems across a broad array of applications such as resistance spot welding, robotic joining, riveting, dispensing, and injection molding. Diakont actuators provide outstanding reliability through the use of robust components such as planetary roller screws with state-of-the-art thread designs, and special hardening processes.

Featuring integrated permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), Diakont electric actuators are also remarkably compact which facilitates easy integration. With local support in Detroit and other manufacturing hubs, Diakont supplies DA Series electric servo actuators in different variants to meet specific application requirements for the automotive manufacturing industry: DA99-W2 series actuators for resistance weld gun applications provide best-in-class lifetime of upwards of 30 million lifetime welding cycles, with highly-repeatable forces up to 5,000 lbf. DA140-2 series actuators for robotic joining, pressing, and self-piercing riveting provide high forces of over 10,000 lbf in a very compact footprint. DA67 series actuators for dispensing and liquid/sealant injection (metering) systems provide high accuracy force and speed resulting in even product distribution, all within a 2.7” frame size, for easy machine integration.

DA82 series actuators for injection molding and hot runner systems deliver consistent force in an ultra-compact size, for optimal mold control. “Reducing manufacturing costs and improving end-customer product quality are key goals when upgrading automotive manufacturing processes,” said Raj Bhavsar, Senior Sales Engineer from Diakont’s Advanced Technologies Division. "Diakont electric actuators deliver on these goals by leveraging technology – resulting in better performance and reliability, and lower life cycle costs.”

About Diakont Diakont is a provider of high-tech solutions that enhance the performance and economy of the manufacturing and energy industries. Diakont is a global company with its North American headquarters located in San Diego, CA. The company is an innovator in electric motion control, high-tech vision components, and inspection equipment.

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