Eaton introduces PXS24 electronic circuit breaker

  • May 05, 2017
  • Eaton
Eaton introduces PXS24 electronic circuit breaker
Eaton introduces PXS24 electronic circuit breaker

May 5, 2017 - Eaton has developed the PXS24 electronic circuit breaker for protection of 24 V DC circuits. The PXS24 series will cover a rated current range up to 16 A. In addition to selective overload protection for control circuits, special features of the system include integrated control and switching and signaling functions.

Electronic solutions such as the PXS24 offer protection because they can recognize an overload and selectively switch off the faulty machine component. As a result, the system remains controllable and either errors can be bypassed, critical damage can be prevented or the system can be shut down in a controlled manner. Even capacitive loads of up to 20,000 μF do not pose a challenge, as the module supplies them in a controlled manner and protects them.

To enable professional system monitoring and visualization, each PXS24 channel has its own control inputs and outputs which can be connected to a PLC. This makes it easier to locate the sources of errors and to correct problems. The PXS24's channels can also be easily linked to each other in order to generate grouped messages, or to set and turn off several channels in the event of a fault.

PXS24 does not have to use multi-channel modules independent of the need for them, but rather units are available individually for installation or later expansion, as required. The first PXS24 channel is connected to the 24 V power supply via a push-in terminal. All other PXS24 modules are powered by a pluggable copper bar.

All PXS24 versions have UL approval. This means that the PXS24 can be installed in machines used in the North American market.

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